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2023 Extra Yard for Teachers “Nominate a Teacher” Grant Recipients

The response over the past two years of the “Nominate a Teacher” program has taken the 68 Ventures Bowl by surprise. “Nominate a teacher” ran from September 19th to November 1st receiving over 1300 submissions over the span of two years.

Through this program, the 68 Ventures Bowl chose 9 teachers to receive recognition and funding for their efforts and commitment to educating our children from the College Football Playoff (CFP) Foundation. Each recipient will receive $1,000 to utilize in their classroom to improve student learning, and grow their teaching resources. The Grant recipients will be recognized during this year’s game, with two teachers having the opportunity to receive an additional grant at the game.

This year’s winners from the “Nominate a Teacher” program are from Elementary, Middle and High School. The 2023 recipients are:

Krystal Ladnier, Breitling Elementary School

Cortez Nelson, Meadowlike Elementary School

Kristal Bush, Holloway Elementary School

Mashun Johnson, Burns Middle School

Kim Wakefield, Phillips Preparatory School

Tammy Loper, Causey Middle School

Andrew Lipske, Baker High School

Angela Salamone, Mary G Montgomery High School

Alex White, Murphy High School