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Credential Policy

Preference will be given to media that cover all home and away games of the C-USA, MAC and SBC teams participating in the 68 Ventures Bowl as well as media outlets of Alabama and the Gulf Coasts of Mississippi and Florida who routinely cover the 68 Ventures Bowl related events. Next priority will be given to media covering all home games of either of the two schools.

All credential requests must be made online through TicketManager


In addition to the above policy, specific outlets must meet the following guidelines to be credentialed:

All newspapers must be daily or weekly with a Sunday edition and circulation above 30,000.

All stations must have regular nightly sports segments with a full-time sports director/talent.

Radio stations must have a sports director and regular daily sports shows. These stations must cover either the two teams (as determined by the two team’s SIDs) and/or the 68 Ventures Bowl on a regular, year-round basis. If available, seats in the press box are limited to two per station.

Staff photographers who represent accredited daily or weekly newspapers and national magazines are given first preference on sideline credentials. There is no photo space available in the press box. All photographers on the sideline must be carrying professional cameras. No cutline writers, grips or messengers will be allowed in this area due to field congestion.

Credential(s) may be issued to an online agency that (1) registers at least one million unique users per month in each of the 12 months before the game and (2) covers college football daily.

The official web site of a competing institution, as designated by the school’s sports information director, may receive a credential.

The official web site of a competing conference, as designated by the conference’s sports information director, may receive a credential.

A print, radio or television agency will not receive more credentials than the number provided for elsewhere in this document. An agency may allot one (or more) of its credentials to its online entity.

If space is available, an online entity that does not meet the other criteria herein may qualify for credentials if a full-time staff member has covered all of the participating institution’s regular-season games. Such credential may be issued only to a full-time staff member.

An online entity may receive a credential only if its own full-time staff members write an overwhelming percentage of that site’s material.

Online entities will not receive during-game field access.

An online service that is recognized as an outlet intended primarily for the purpose of delivering news related to the recruitment of student-athletes does not qualify for credentials.

Maximum of two press, two photo will be provided to designated school newspapers. Maximum of one reporter, one photo pass will be provided to school educational TV. Maximum of one photo pass will be provided to school yearbook. Credentials are for official business only and are non-transferable.

Credentials shall not be issued to the following:

  • Persons solely for the purpose of writing or gathering material for books;
  • Representatives of syndicated television or cable programmers who are not producing programs for immediate news coverage (i.e., to air within 24 hours);
  • Telephone reporting services;
  • Entities normally identified as “tout sheets,” and other publications devoted solely to gambling;
  • Scouts from professional teams; (Instead, tickets are available for purchase by the professional league office if requested and if tickets are available, with the understanding that the professional league will distribute the tickets to the teams as it wishes.)
  • Agencies that normally provide specific services for a media agency (e.g., scores) if many of its clients have been accredited to staff the event.
  • Online entities not specifically referenced herein.

The 68 Ventures Bowl reserves the right to revoke any credential used by individuals not fully accredited, or an individual not in compliance with press box and/or sideline standards.